Skin Assist Kit


Just say YASSSS to this kit! A splendid gift for a loved one or yourself!


Your skin is your largest organ and greatest communicator. Give it support by providing it with the love it needs! This kit is fantastic in helping with some of the most common issues skin faces like: zits, dark spots, redness, and fine lines. Use it all together or as needed for the pain point at hand. The best way to use this kit is to apply serums according to level of concern.

Example #1: Dark spots, redness, dehydration then use MAN-D5, Calm Down and Hydra+. Example #2: Only have some redness around the nose and dry patches on forehead and 2 zits? Spot treat the nose with Calm Down and forehead with Hydra+. Take out those nasty zits who are claiming squatters’ rights with Mand-5. You will always use Powerhouse AM+PM and SPF AM only unless you live somewhere the sun doesn’t go down. 

What’s in the BOX????

Calm Down is your redness relief. Can be used AM+PM for chronic redness or spot treat areas of concern.

MAN-D 5– is a team player serum great for brightening dark spot and treating acne breakouts. Use 1-2 drops of Man-D 5 on face and neck at night + allow to absorb. Can be used to as a spot treatment as well. If dryness occurs, either add Hydra+ or back down on # of days per week.

Hydra+ helps with dehydration in the surface layers of the skin and should be placed under moisturizer and can be used AM+PM

Powerhouse is your age management moisturizer and your new bestie! Apply AM+PM after all serums and before SPF.

Finish off with Glow Up! or Mattify SPF and seize the day like you just slayed 4,765 zombies without a scratch on ya.


When you purchase a kit receive bogl’s spice of life enzyme mask AND reuseable silicone mask brush as a gift!

You’re gonna LOOOOOVE this mask! Packed full of pumpkin and spices and the smell of the holidays, you can’t say no. Leave on your skin for 5-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Then enjoy your glowy skin knowing you just evicted all those dead skin cells Ms. Pac-Man style! (Just don’t eat it, K?)


*Trial kit comes with all 3 SPF samples to try.

*Some labeling/packaging may vary due to bottle shortages, but don’t fret-it’s the same great stuff inside!



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SPF Choice

Glow UP!, Mattify, Not NEEDED for TRIAL kit


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